Visiting Bandung

Visiting Bandung is incredibly popular with Jakartanese and Javanese generally. Each weekend, the roads are packed with visitors and day trippers, needing to breathe in Bandung clean air, but locating themselves were sadly stuck in a traffic jam on one of the prominent thoroughfares. What’s it that they seek? What does Bandung have which makes it worth wrestling throughout the clouds of pollution? Why on earth if you visit Bandung? Firstly, Bandung is situated in probably the most beautiful natural environments in West Java. In all wind directions, you come across volcanoes, tea plantations, strawberry fields and luscious green rice paddies.

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Resort towns in the North like Ciater and Cipanas as well as Ciwidey from the South provide natural hot springs and paramount panoramas. The Tangkuban Prahu Volcano in Lembang could be attained inside the hour from fundamental Bandung. Then there’s the univocal fact which Bandung is a paradise for food lovers. Snacks are stashed in street-side stalls, warungs, and 5-star restaurants with views to die for. Bandung specialties vary from batagor to cendol. The variety is enormous and compared to such example Jakarta, much cheaper. Sweet tooth or salty sucker, you will not depart Bandung without placing on a few pounds.

Culturally, Bandung is regarded as the heart of Sunda country. This can be reflected in language, music, and traditions by the Sundanese. Friendliness and a good sense of humor are typical, making Bandung probably the most welcoming places to visit. And although the name of Parijs van Java doesn’t fit nowadays, the remnants of the colonial past are everywhere. The Dutch favored Bandung above any other city in the colonial era, and this has resulted in more than colonial architecture. The Gedung Sate, the Savoy Homan resort, and Jalan Braga are all lined with faded colonial splendor. And last, but not least, Bandung is without a doubt the fashion capital of Java.

The phenomenon of Factory outlets has grown to an intense in Bandung, reaching in the hundreds. Each with their very own specialization, be it shoes or matches, large brands sell for small prices. The quality and variety surely make Bandung a paradise for shopaholics. So wipe the automobile dust from of eyes and see past pollution. Bandung might not be simple to grasp, but once you know where it is at, it becomes apparent why Indonesians love it.

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